Project description

 This project focuses on the renewal of the Chinese vinaya (jielü fuxing 戒律復興) in China and Taiwan throughout the twentieth century, a phenomenon that we analyse in its specific historical and social background and in a long-term diachronic perspective. The contemporary resurgence of Chinese Buddhism includes a recovery of ancient traditions and practices, some of which had been disregarded or had disappeared for decades – sometimes even for centuries. This process is especially evident with vinaya. The rebuilding of Buddhist monasteries in the People’s Republic of China and the renewal of Buddhism in Taiwan since the early 1980s have been accompanied by a generalized reinstatement of monastic discipline. Read More




Vinaya Revival in 20th Century China and Taiwan

20-21 December, 2017
Saint Paul Hall, Fu Jen Catholic University
輔仁大學倬章大樓4 樓 聖保祿廳 (DG410)

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Buddhist Monastic Discipline in China and Beyond “Vinaya (戒律) in China” Workshop