20 December 2016
Università degli Studi di Perugia
Dipartimento di Filosofia, Scienze sociali, umane e della formazione

– Ann Heirman (Ghent University)
Body Movement and Sport Activities: A Buddhist Normative Perspective from India to China.
– Dhammadhinna (Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts, Taiwan)
Women’s Soteriological Agency, Text Transmission and Buddhist Institutions.
– Peiying Lin (UC Berkeley/ Fu Jen Catholic University)
The doctrine of Brahmajala Sutra in a Historical Context.
– Wu Jiang (University of Arizona)
Discipline and Enlightenment: Spreading the Triple Platform Ordination Ceremony in the Seventeenth Century China.
– Ester Bianchi (Università degli Studi di Perugia)
Bodhisattva Precepts in modern China: Coping with Different Traditions.
– Raoul Birnbaum (University of California at Santa Cruz)
Why was Hongyi so interested in Vinaya?: Part one. Issues of self-cultivation.
– Melody Tzu-lung Chiu (UC Berkeley University)
The Practice of Fasting in Contemporary Chinese Buddhism.
– Daniela Campo (Université de Strasbourg)
“Etiquette and rules of the Cloud Dwelling (雲居儀規)”: an Overview.
– Li Yuzhen (Zhengzhi daxue, Taipei)
The Revival and Reconstruction of Vinaya Tradition in Contemporary Taiwan: Nanlin Nunnery and the Bhikshuni Re-Ordination.
– Federico Squarcini (Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia)
Mirroring Vinaya. Or, why to borrow from each other in normative South Asian textual figurations.


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