Vinaya Revival in 20th Century China and Taiwan – Conference papers

  • Bodhisattva Precepts in 20th Century China: Re-Evaluating Commitments and Rules in the Light of Modernity
    Ester Bianchi
  • Chinese Buddhist Monastic Codes in the Twentieth Century and Beyond: Adapting the Rules to a Changing Social and Political Context
    Daniela Campo
  • On Vinaya Master Hongyi’s Engagement with Vinaya
    Raoul Birnbaum
  • Physical Exercise and Sporting Activities in Contemporary Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese Buddhist Monasteries
    Tzu-Lung Chiu & Ann Heirman
  • The Late Ming: A Monk’s Rules for the Nunnery Unobstructed in Filiality and Righteousness
    Jennifer Eichman
  • Body Movement and Sport Activities: A Buddhist Normative Perspective from India to China
    Ann Heirman
  • Authenticity and Authority: Dual Ordination in the Post-War Vinaya Revival in Taiwan
    Li Yuzhen
  • Changing Attitudes of Precepts in Modern Taiwan: The Debate between Brahmā’s Net Precepts and Yogācāra Precepts
    Lin Peiying
  • Discipline and Enlightenment: Hanyue Fazang 漢月法藏 (1573-1635) and the Spread of the Triple Platform Ordination Ceremony in Seventeenth-Century China
    Wu Jiang
  • Retaking the Monastic Vows: Chinese lay Buddhists’ Struggle for the Authenticity of Monkhood in the 1980s
    Ji Zhe


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