20-21 December, 2017

Saint Paul Hall, Fu Jen Catholic University
輔仁大學倬章大樓4 樓 聖保祿廳 (DG410)

Conference program
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Wednesday, December 20

9:00-9:30  Greetings

Opening Keynote Speech

9:30-10:00  T. H. Barrett (SOAS, University of London)

“Rewriting the History of Modern and Contemporary Chinese-  language Buddhism: Revivals and Renaissances Reconsidered”

Session 1. Reforming the Vinaya: Ordination Procedures

10:05-10:25  Jiang Wu 吳疆 (University of Arizona)

“Discipline and Enlightenment: Hanyue Fazang 漢月法藏 and the Spread of   the Triple Platform Ordination Ceremony in Seventeenth-Century China”

10:25-10:45  Yu-Chen Li 李玉珍 (National Chengchi University)

“Authenticity and Authority: Dual Ordination in the Second-Wave Vinaya   Revival in Taiwan”

10:45-11:10   Discussion

William Bodiford (University of California, Los Angeles)

11:10-11:25   Coffee break

Session 2. Adjusting the Vinaya: Traditional Models and the Modern World

11:25-11:45   Zhe Ji 汲喆 (INALCO, Paris)

“Retaking the Monastic Vows: Chinese Lay Buddhists’ Struggle for   the Authenticity of Monkhood in the 1980”

11:45-12:05  Dhammadinnā bhikkhunī (Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts)

“The Sikkhamānā Institution in the Revival of the Theravāda   Bhikkhunī order”

12:05-12:30   Discussion

Eric Goodell (Fo Guang University)

12:30-14:00  Lunch 

Wednesday, December 20

Session 3. Interpreting the Vinaya: Body Movement and Sport Activities

14:00-14:20   Ann Heirman (Ghent University)

“Body Movement and Sport Activities: A Buddhist Normative Perspective   from India to China”

14:20-14:40   Tzu-Lung Chiu 邱子倫  (Max Planck Institute, Göttingen)

“Physical Exercise and Sporting Activities in Contemporary Taiwanese and   Mainland Chinese Buddhist Monasteries”

14:40-15:05  Discussion

Po-Chi Huang 黃柏棋  (National Chengchi University)

15:05-15:25 Coffee break

Session 4. Reviving the Vinaya: Republican China

15:25-15:45   Raoul Birnbaum (University of California at Santa Cruz)

“Hongyi’s Will to Save Lives and His Engagement with Vinaya Studies and   Practices”

15:45-16:05  Stefania Travagnin (University of Groningen)

“The ‘Scientific Study’ of the Vinaya in the New Rensheng 人生 Buddhism:   Innovations and Adaptations in the Early Republican China and its Later   Legacy in Taiwan (Yinshun 印順 et al.)”

16:05-16:30   Discussion

Paul Katz (Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica)

Thursday, December 21

Session 5. Mahāyāna Vinaya: Bodhisattva Precepts

9:00-9:20   Ester Bianchi (University of Perugia)

“Bodhisattva Precepts in 20th Century China: Re-Evaluating Commitments   and Rules in the Light of Modernity”

9:20-9:40  Pei-Ying Lin 林佩瑩 (Fu Jen Catholic University)

“Changing Attitudes to the Precepts in Modern Taiwan: The Debate

between Brahmā’s Net Precepts and Yogācāra Precepts”

9:40-10:05  Discussion

Matt Orsborn (Fo Guang University)

10:05-10:20   Coffee break

Session 6. Chinese Vinaya: Rules for Monasteries

10:20-10:40  Jennifer Eichman (SOAS, University of London)

“The Late Ming: A Monk’s Rules for the Nunnery Unobstructed in Filiality   and Righteousness”

10:40-11:00  Daniela Campo (University of Strasbourg)

“Chinese Buddhist Monastic Codes in the Twentieth Century and Beyond:   Adapting the Rules to a Changing Social and Political Context”

11:00-11:25   Discussion

Richard Jaffe (Duke University)

Closing Keynote Speech

11:30-12:00   Mario Poceski (University of Florida)

“Public Monasteries, Hereditary Temples, and the Institutional Development   of Modern Taiwanese Buddhism”



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